Groundhog Anchor Applications

The Groundhog Anchor may be used to provide support or an anchor point for almost anything. Listed below are some of the more common applications.

Additions – Mobile, Modular and Tiny Homes

Groundhog Anchors are a great foundation solution for mobile/modular homes, house additions, tiny homes and job-site trailers.

For these applications, the most appropriate anchor is Model #812 (5000 lb).

For tie-down needs, the structure can be attached directly to the foundation anchors if present, or separate cable tie downs can be used.

Decks – Sunrooms – Gazebos

For most decks, Model #68 (2000 lb) or Model #89 (3000 lb) are appropriate.

For decks where a room or additional walls for structures like pergolas or gazebos may be built on top later we recommend at minimum to use Model #89.

Standard spacing of 6′-8′ feet, with no more than 2′ cantilever from the end of the beams is typical.

Most sunrooms require the Model #812 (5000 lb).

Full engineering for decks and sunrooms is available.

Fences – Gates – Signs

Fences are a perfect application for Groundhog Anchors.

Typically, Model #68 will be applicable.

Be sure to visit New Order Enterprizes, Custom Steel Manufacturing Division web pages. Our Custom Steel Manufacturing Division designed and created this one of a kind arbour and custom fence.

Groundhog Anchors are ideal for temporary and permanent signs of all types. Check the Specifications page for selecting the appropriate anchor.

Below are some drawings of possible sign applications.

A Street Sign
A Parking Meter
A Medium Sized Sign

Pools – Hot Tubs – Septic Tanks

Groundhog Anchors work great for septic tanks, pool frames, and hot tubs too!

Avoid the delays and complications of concrete!

Tie Downs

Groundhog Anchors provide quick, durable, long lasting tie downs, that are easily movable should the need arise.